Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rehearse, Eat, Sleep and Repeat.

We are now in Miami! We have been here for almost 2 weeks, and I am loving it! Currently we are learning 1 of our 2 shows "Vibe*ology". It consists of all pop songs with Michael Jackson, Cher, Paula Abdul and more. It's been a great work out so far, and it will be a blast to perform! One of my favourite sections is the 'Cold Hearted Snake' number, where I get to do some partner work with Jordan. It's an all around high energy show. Our second show is "Stage to Screen", we will start to learn that next week.

There are 11 people in our cast so far. From the Philippines, the US and Canada. Ranging in age from 20 up to 40+. (Again, I am the baby of the cast!) I am currently sharing an apartment with 5 other girls, which is fun. And Jord is sharing an apartment with 4 other guys. The apartments are very nice. 2 pools, and a hot tub. I am dying to go swimming! Maybe tomorrow on our day off!

The weather in Miami as been very nice so far! For the last couple of days it hasn't been so incredibly hot, so we got a little break from the heat. No snow here!!! We haven't really been out much yet. Just to Target.. and I am not complaining!! We have mostly been trying to spend time at Starbucks, using the internet, and bonding with our new cast-mates at the apartments. Tonight we are finally going out! To a restaurant that used to be called Cancun's, where they have fishbowls margarita's! I can assure you that Jordan is very excited about it, and has been talking about this place for months!! (I will have my camera ready!)

I am off to rehearsal now! Just a short note, so you know what's going on!

Lots of love,