Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Hong Kong!

A few cruises ago we ported in Hong Kong! It was very exciting as we are only porting here 2 times the whole contract. I got a chance to see the city briefly at night (As I was on duty), but the lights were stunning!! It is definitely a city I need more time to explore in.

The view of the city as our tender sailed in!
Welcome to Hong Kong!
The "Dinner With Degas" event I worked at while in Hong Kong.
Gorgeous!! Such an amazing view as I head back to the ship!!
Bye Hong Kong, See you in October! And I already cannot wait. Let's all home and pray I have a full day off to enjoy the city!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Elephant Riding in Thailand!

The day finally came that I was lucky enough to ride an Elephant in Thailand! As soon as I found out I was going to be going to Thailand I knew this is what I wanted to do. It was such an amazing experience, and I can't believe I can scratch this goal off my list!

Phuket, Thailand.

Some of the cast who went Elephant riding!

Stacey and I!

Our elephant keeper!

Our elephant Benny! Who is 25 years old!

After the ride we got to feed the elephants and meet the new born.

The Elephants loved the bananas and the peels!

And I ended the day with a delicious pad thai!

Thailand is amazing, especially Phuket, and I am very sad to be leaving! I definitely want to come back one day.



For the first time ever, the Voyager of the Seas sailed into Singapore. We docked in a brand new terminal and it was all very exciting! The people here in Singapore are so kind, and the streets are so clean! Here are a few photos from my adventures in Singapore so far.

Gorgeous tower at Marina Bay.
A view from the top, I love Singapore!

The city.

A taste of home at Starbucks in Singapore!

Such amazing architecture in Singapore!
Look what I found! Dallas Restaurant and Bar!! So cool!

A beautiful city, filled with color.

Justine and I at Clarks Quay!

I got a laugh finding Hoosters in Singapore!

The train station! So clean, and efficient!

With my train ticket! Very eco-friendly. You use it and trade it in at the end for a dollar!

Thats all for now! Today is the Voyager's last day in Singapore until October, and now we are heading to China! I am loving this itinerary so much! I am feeling so lucky! Xoxox!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello Voyager of the Seas!

Finally! We made it to the Voyager of the Seas! We were lucky enough to make it in time to watch the ship pulling it! Here we go, on a great adventure!

There she is! Home for the next 6 months!
The Canadians and Argentineans ready to board!
Here we go!!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Penang, Malaysia!

Last week, after over 36 hours of travel, I arrived in Penang! We had an afternoon to explore before we boarded the Voyager of the Seas! It was very pretty, with lush greens as we landed, and the city was filled with color! Here are a few of my photos of my ventures so far!

My first steps in Malaysia!
Basmati rice on the street.
The Flag!
A walk along the Jetty, housing right on the water.
Gorgeous colors along the water.
Canadians in Penang!
My first Malaysian meal of fried rice!

I am missing family and friends so much, but I am very happy and really enjoying myself!