Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Atlantis was a blast!

The gay charter cruise was a hit! That group definitely liked to party! Almost every night there was a themed party. The only one I went to was the white party. It was crazy! There were hundreds of people all dressed in a sea of white, dancing on the top deck of the ship. Some people were dressed like white cowboys, and some were just wearing underwear and glow sticks. It was definitely an experience. The fashion show was good too. 10 of us from the cast modelled . And we all wore speedos... even the 3 girls! But the crowd loved it! A few of us dancers also got to dance pool side, while one of our singers, Nakaze, sang. We don't get to do that any regular week!! We did 2 numbers, 'When I grow up', and 'Firework'. Right after that, Kelly, Alison and myself stayed to play the 'Are you smarter then a straight girl' game! Sadly, we got outsmarted by the gay guys! The question were about fashion materials, song lyrics, and Sex and the City/Golden Girls trivia. I did OK on the Trivia, but the girls failed at fashion!! On the last day Jordan and I got to join some of the Atlantis cast in their Glee performance. Jordan played Finn, and I played Rachel. It was a mix of about 7 songs from Glee, and we all did lip-syncing, and dancing. All in all it was a very exciting week, and I kinda wish we had Atlantis all the time!!

But back to regular cruising now! We are in St.Lucia today, I am sitting poolside waiting for my BBC! Jordan is sun tanning.. or burning. Next week Ryan is coming, and we are really really looking forward to it!

The white party!

Some of the cast, and our cruise director at the White Party.

The models for the fashion show.

And some speedos!!

Well, my BBC is here, Thats all for now!