Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bring on the men..

Well, I am back at Starbucks, in Puerto Rico. It tends to be one of my favourite places, very relaxing, and feels like home! I am drinking my latte, and downloading music. Today I purchased 'Songs for Japan' from iTunes, and I highly recommend it! A benefit album including Lady Gaga, John Lennon, and Katie Perry..and it's for Japan? How could I resist!

All of us on Serenade of the Seas have a very big week ahead of us. Because this week it is an Atlantis cruise,which is a gay charter cruise. It will be crazy!(and I mean that in a good way!) But I am so excited! So our week is quite a bit different than the regular week. 2 sea days, and very late all aboard times. We have no Welcome Aboard show, and no Farewell show. But we will be doing lots of greetings at doors. It is going to be a week long party, or so I hear. And so far Jordan and I have signed ourselves up for a pool side fashion show!! We will see how that goes, pictures could possibly come later.

Wish us luck for this crazy week. And bring on the gays!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In the Caribbeannnnnnnn.

I am enjoying a sunny day in St. Kitts today. I am not at the beach, but instead using the internet! Things are still going good, and I am having a great time. On Saturday we went to old San Juan. There was good shopping there, and lots of restaurants. Of all the places to go, we chose Subway! We couldn't fight the craving. We then sat in Starbucks using the internet, and drank Coconut Mocha frappachinos! They were delicious!! On our way walking back to the ship Jordan got shit on by a bird!!! It was awesome. On his shoulder, head and back. But that is supposed to be good luck! On Sunday in Tortola, we went swimming with the dolphins! It was so much fun, and I am happy I finally had the opportunity to swimwith dolphins. On Monday, we enjoyed the beach at St. Maarten. It was a gorgeous day, and the water was SO blue there. And for dinner we were celebrating a cast members birthday, so we ate at the steakhouse onboard called Chops. The food was unreal! You get about 9 different sides for your whole table to share. I really like that concept!

I know it seems like I am just going to the beach, but we are also working!!! We are currently working on Murder Mystery, which will be open next week! There are seven of us doing it, and there are lots of lines to memorize! But it will be fun to do. We also get a free dinner at the italian restaurant Portifino's every week when we do Murder Mystery.

Well, I am back to the ship now!

With our life Jackets on, ready to swim with Dolphins!!!