Sunday, July 31, 2011

The countdown is ON!

We are heading home in 4 WEEKS! That means it's time to start packing! I cannot wait to breath fresh Canadian air, go to Tim Hortons, and drive! I am also so excited to see family and friends. I haven't seen everyone since January 4th, and that seems like forever. Only 28 more day until it is GOODBYE Serenade, and HELLO Canada! Cannot wait!

Horseback Riding in Beautiful Aruba!

We got the opportunity to horseback ride on the beach in ARUBA! I am jealous of myself! It was so much fun, and such a beautiful ride! I am so glad I finally got to horse back ride on the beach. Check out the photos...

The view we had on the ride!

Jordan on his horse 'Prince'.

Me and my horse!

A natural bridge in Aruba.

Underneath the natural bridge.

We took a break after an hour of horseback riding for some water, and pictures.


The gang ready to head back.

The hour long trek back to the ranch.

Heading back, but I didn't want to!


Gong show at Senior Frogs!

We had a FULL day off when we were in St.Thomas. So we went to Senior Frogs, where they are quite generous with giving out free tequila! There was a pool, and a volleyball court at this senior frogs, so we were there for hours! It was a blast!
Good way to start the day.. with a yard of Margarita!

Jord with his drink and very fashionable hat!

My very fashionable balloon hat!

At the bar, after Jordans free shots!

But Jarrod got the motherload!

Swimming in the pool!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

A day in Curacao!

Curacao is probably one of my favourite we go to here in the Caribbean! It has beautiful while sand beach, and the colors are beautiful. A few weeks ago Jordan and I had a date day just to explore!
The Rif Fort, right outside the port.

Then we got ice cream! I was a very hot day!

The moving bridge in Curacao! Very cool!

A yellow church. I thought it was very pretty.

GORGEOUS colors in the town!

Now, heading back to the ship!


Sunday, July 3, 2011


On a beautiful day in Curacao, a few of us went to Cabana beach! It's one of my favourite beaches in Curacao. You can get a cabana for 15 dollars, and the bar tenders come right to you!! Not the mention the water is the prettiest shade of blue! It's the lazy persons dream beach destination. After lounging around in the sun for a few hours, we decided to take a few beach photos, but not just any beach photos...

Dancer style beach photos! Ali and I!

Almost mirrors!

Jarrod and I doing some organic jumps.

Somebody on the beach didn't think I could do a back handspring, so I had to prove them wrong!

Playing around with some color swap on the camera.