Saturday, May 1, 2010

How I spent my April.

I have been enjoying my April here in Japan. With the blooming cherry blossoms, lots of love, and many laughs. Jordan came to visit me, and so did my dad! It has been one amazing month. I have made so many memories in the last month, I am so happy! Here are some pictures of my adventures!

Jordan and I at Ueno Park, during the peak of cheery blossom season. It was crowded with picnics, music, and drinking under the trees. A very lively time in Japan!

My dad and I, enjoying a beautifully sunny day at Asakusa. Behind us is Thunder Gate. Definitely a life experience for me.

A day at Tokyo Disneyland. I remember going on this ride with him when I was 6!

A picture just for Jordan's mom! It's a small world really is a love hate relationship!

Me and my prince on our last day together at Tokyo Disneyland. What better way to say 'See you soon.'

I hope you had a wonderful April too! and have a Happy May!


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