Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visitors, Visitors, Visitors..

From April to May we had 4 weeks of Visitors! It kept us very busy!! We had Ryan for 2 weeks, right after that we had Katie and my mom for a week, and a few weeks after that we had Sheila, Shawna and Carrie. Those 4 weeks were some of my favourites within the last 6 months! We laughed alot, and made lots of memories. It made me feel like I was on vacation!! But after everyone left, I felt more homesick then ever! Here are a few of my favourite memories...

Ryan with his Bucket of Beer on the beach of St.Maarten!

They were living the life, just passed out under an umbrella!

We went to the waterfalls in Dominica, and they we GORGEOUS!

Boy will be boys! The played for hours in Antigua!

And the Katie arrived! Just before Chops!

Jord, mom and I went snorkelling at Champagne beach, in Dominica.

Mom and Katie won the Quest game on the ship!!

My family!

And then the partiers came onboard!!

A great shot of the 3 of them!

Sheila and I on formal night.

The group before going on the banana boat!

Things got a little crazy in Aruba!!


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