Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Smooth Sailing from here!

Our shows are installed! We made it! It took 14days of work in a row, but we finally have some time off. I am on the internet at some taco place in Puerto Rico... but I'll take it! The shows are a blast to do in front of an audience! We spent the first week installing our first show, Stage to Screen, and our second week for Vibeology, and ontop of that, also trying to find our way around the ship, new hire training, and unpacking our bags in a shoebox of a room. But life is good!! We are planning on going to the beach this week, which will be wonderful! It is nice to get on land. I have not been seasick yet, I actually adjusted pretty well to the ship - but not so well to the dust on the ship, as I am severely allergic to it!! I almost coughed up a lung, but I survived! I am proud to say I lasted a whole week before I met the doctor onboard...that's pretty good! The food is good on board. We have only eaten in the crew mess so far, but it's great. Wonderful desserts I say! We have started to decorate our room, and make it more like home, and a picture collage will be going up very soon!! Right now we are doing some shopping, and enjoy some fresh air. Sending my love to everyone back at home. I hope you aren't too cold in the snow. It's beautifully sunny here!!!

Just a little preview of our shows...

Jordan and I partnering in West Side Story. I love this shot!

Daryl, Lucky, Me, and Jordan in the Sweet Charity Section of the show.

Jordan in All that Jazz!!

And then there were some mishaps.....

Like when your heel gets caught in your dress, and you physically have to stop and unhook it...

Or when your wig strap is across your forehead instead of under you chin!


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Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun and great numbers. Enjoy.