Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bring on the men..

Well, I am back at Starbucks, in Puerto Rico. It tends to be one of my favourite places, very relaxing, and feels like home! I am drinking my latte, and downloading music. Today I purchased 'Songs for Japan' from iTunes, and I highly recommend it! A benefit album including Lady Gaga, John Lennon, and Katie Perry..and it's for Japan? How could I resist!

All of us on Serenade of the Seas have a very big week ahead of us. Because this week it is an Atlantis cruise,which is a gay charter cruise. It will be crazy!(and I mean that in a good way!) But I am so excited! So our week is quite a bit different than the regular week. 2 sea days, and very late all aboard times. We have no Welcome Aboard show, and no Farewell show. But we will be doing lots of greetings at doors. It is going to be a week long party, or so I hear. And so far Jordan and I have signed ourselves up for a pool side fashion show!! We will see how that goes, pictures could possibly come later.

Wish us luck for this crazy week. And bring on the gays!!


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Not Much said...

Have a great week,should be a good cruise.Interesting for sure.